Green House Effect

ghe shower cap

The “Green House Effect” is all about the sweat. This is the process of wrapping your hair at night in a way that would maximize moisture. This moisture is supposed to grow your hair at an alarming rate. Most women after using this effect have grown their hair about an inch each month. This process allows nightly product retention. You can lookup stories of women who have tried this method on Youtube

So of course this is something everyone should try…

Step1 apply a water and natural oil mixture to your hair (carrot, olive,castor, you choose)

Step2  twist or braid hair (whichever style you want to wear the next day)

Step 3  cover hair with plastic cap (shower cap works fine)

Step 4 cover cap with satin scarf

This should become your nightly routine for about a month or maybe longer. Document your growth, switch oils, get creative, and I  hope this works for you.


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